How much Newton (N) force should the replacement gas spring be?

Often there is a type number followed by three digits with an N on the gas spring. In principle, you can usually assume that this is the number of Newton’s. You can then fill this into the Configurator under Force. The other dimensions of the gas spring to be replaced can be found if you follow the steps on ‘how do I find a replacement gas spring?‘.

If the number of Newton is not on the gas strut to be replaced or if it is illegible, we recommend that you calculate the number of Newton using the Calculation tool. It is best to calculate the gas springs all over again, so also include the dimensions of the gas struts and the end fittings. In this way you are sure that the gas springs fits your cover, lid or other application. We recommend that you consult the Help for filling in, and to perform this step by step.

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